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The process begins when a meeting is set up between a member of our organization and you, the potential client. Here, the scope of the intended work is initially discussed. If you have already engaged an architect, great! You are ahead of the game. We will review your plans, walk the house with you, and take pictures and detailed notes on the pending project.  

If not, don’t worry. We are here to help! In this case, we will sit with you to discuss everything that you need and want in your addition / renovation project.

Once we are clear as to the scope of work, we will review all of the existing mechanical conditions in your home and measure each room that will be affected by the project. At the conclusion of this meeting, we pass the information to one of the civil engineers we have on staff.

*** NOTE: Please have a copy of your homes current survey on hand for this meeting. It will be necessary to make preliminary determinations on things such as lot coverage, zoning, and set back issues.