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Custom Kitchen with Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances in Clark, New Jersey by Daunno Development.

At Daunno Development, we define allowance items as those items that are selected by the home owner and have little or no bearing on our work. These items would include:

- Kitchen Cabinets
- Bathroom Vanities
- Stone Countertops
- Ceramic Tile
- Appliances
- Light Fixtures

Being that these budget driven items require very little work on our part, we do not believe it should matter whether our clients spend $15,000 or $75,000 on these items. If you think about it, the homeowner chooses the colors, styles, layouts, and brand names before any orders can be placed. So, as part of our company philosophy, we do NOT mark up these items. Instead, we usually exclude these items from our proposals, but do give suggested budgets for each excluded item based on the scope of work. (Please note that if a homeowner would like us to include these items, we will certainly give them an all-in price.)

Aside from not marking these items up, we also give our customers all of our contractor discounts and let them deal directly with our venders in order to save money. We do coordinate the installation of these items at no additional charge. 

To further clarify:

1.) In the case of tile, we consider the tile itself an allowance item, but we include the installation in our estimates.

2.) While we have a list of preferred vendors who we have already pre-qualified, we are not against using another vendor if our customer feels more comfortable. What we do ask is that whoever you purchase cabinets and/or vanities from must also install them. This cuts out the middle man. If there should be any problem with one of the cabinets, there can be no he said / she said. One manufacturer … One installer ... one person to call.