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Once the permits have been issued work will begin. Please understand that the subcontractors actually performing the work cannot be scheduled until the permits are in hand. At this point your project will be turned over to a managing partner to handle the construction. These managing partners make Daunno Development quite different then a normal general contractor. For every project, large or small, we put one of our partners on site or on call. These partners each have a vested interest in the successful outcome of that project and thus work much harder to make you happy.

So things are not confused, their role will be to help guarantee top quality construction and excellent service to all of our clients. They will also be responsible for attaining the inspections required during the construction process and working directly with you as the homeowner. As the project nears conclusion the managing partner will also walk the project with you and ask for a punch list of items that need to be addressed. It is their job to make sure these things are taken care of and you are satisfied.

At Daunno Development we take great pride in our work. Our attention to detail, work ethic and the quality of work that we make our sub contractors provide guarantees complete satisfaction.

*Please note that all and any subcontractor working for Daunno Development Company carries a minimum of $2 Million Dollars in general liability insurance and a minimum of $500,000 in workman’s compensation insurance.