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If you already have construction plans, we will pass them and the notes taken during our meeting to the estimating department immediately. If not, we will give the civil engineers in our office the notes and measurements taken during our meeting. They will use this information to draw conceptual floor plans of your proposed project. We offer these floor plans as well as one revision free of charge with our complimentary home estimates. These floor plans will be drawn using CAD (Computer Automated Design) and will be passed to a licensed architect if you decided to go forward with the project.

Using either our plan or yours, we will then draft a written proposal that will include the contract price and a detailed scope of work. The scope of work will list everything that is included in our proposal so there is no misunderstanding as to what we will and will not be working on for the negotiated price.

It is our company policy to give our clients ample time to think through our proposals and not try to coerce them into something they are not ready for. Holding true to this belief, we mail every proposal first class and give our customers sufficient time to think through their options. We do ask that once the proposal has been reviewed, the clients set up a meeting in our office to go through every aspect of our proposal. This will allow us to answer any questions they may have, adjust the project depending on scope of work and budget, and help you to understand exactly what you are getting for the quoted price.