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Frequently Asked Questions About Daunno's Triple Play

What is the Triple Play Program?

The Triple Play Program is an all-inclusive program offered by the Daunno Companies. Using the combined efforts of our construction company and our real estate sales office, we now have the capability to list our client’s current home for sale, represent them in the purchase of a new home or property, and then renovate or re-build that property to fit all of their wants and needs.

How did it come about?

Being that we have our own in-house sales office, we are able to hear feed back on our new construction projects first hand. One of the recurring themes we found at our open houses was that while our homes were very attractive, the million dollar plus price tags were not always within our prospective customers budgets.

In order to service these potential customers properly, we set out to create a program for people looking to relocate and create a home with a million dollar feel, without the million dollar price tag.

How is this possible?

The best way to explain the “Triple Play Program” is with an example. So, here it goes:

We recently had a customer looking for a new home, but everything in the area where they wanted to live was outside of their price range.

Their budget was $800,000 all in. (Home, renovations, etc)
After searching extensively in the area, they found that new home’s ranged from $950,000 to $1,200,000. This was clearly outside of their price range.

They also found that they could buy an older home in the area they liked with a similarly sized piece of property being sold between $450,000 and $600,000.

Rather then stretching for the new home, we listed their current property and began searching the market for an older home with renovation possibilities.  Within two months, the homeowner’s property was under contract and we had compiled a list of three potential locations for the homeowners to relocate.

1.) An older ranch on 1/3 an acre for $475,000.
2.) A newer split on a 1/2 an acre for $600,000.
3.) An older split on 1/3 of an acre for $525,000

In the end, the homeowners decided to purchase the older, less expensive home for $475,000 and were confident that they could completely gut and remodel the home for around $300,000 thanks to an estimate we did for them before they made their final decision.

Using the same contractors that we use for our new homes, we gutted the home to the studs. When finished, we had changed every switch, plug, and piece of sheet rock in the home, expanded their kitchen and added a large family room, as well as added a master bedroom suite on top of the ranch. After all this, they were still $20,000 under budget.

Total Project Cost $780,000

Are there any benefits to renovating rather then re-building?

1.)  Homes can appraise for more then they cost to buy and build.
2.)  Homeowners can end up with a virtually brand new home and spend less then the cost of new construction.
3.)  he entire project can be handled start to finish in our office, eliminating our customers need to deal with countless middlemen.
4.)  Renovated homes will not be taxed the same as new homes, although they can be 90% new.
5.)  Daunno Realty is currently offering discounted Real Estate Commission structures to customers who get involved with the Triple Play Program.

*** Please note that this same concept is also possible for client’s who are happy with their current location, but would like to completely re-do their own home. In that situation, you would only need to deal with our residential contracting division.